Aug 21

PCI DSS vulnerability for SSL negotiation on Brocade ADX

Hardware application accelerators also called load balancers are commonly used for SSL offload as provide hardware acceleration for SSL processing. Additionally in many implementations process Application Layer (ISO/OSI Layer 7) information which require access to clear test data.

In many cases device administrators configure SSL profiles to use “all-cipher-suites” command which allows ADX to negotiate any cipher available on the device. This may lead to issues with PCI DSS security reports as older ciphers are relatively easily breakable. To resolve this problem you will have to disable “all-cipher-suites” command under all SSL profiles (or one you want to secure) and add those with strong encryption only.

Below is list of all available cipher options on Brocade ADX load balancer:

(config)# ssl profile profile1
(config-ssl-profile-profile1)# cipher-suite ?

Configuration example

Step 1) Connect to ADX and go to configuration mode using “conf t” command.

Step 2) Edit SSL profile (in our example we use “profile1″ as a profile name) and add secure ciphers only

(config)# ssl profile profile1
(config-ssl-profile-profile1)# cipher-suite rsa-with-aes-128-sha
(config-ssl-profile-profile1)# cipher-suite rsa-with-aes-256-sha
(config-ssl-profile-profile1)# cipher-suite rsa-with-rc4-128-md5
(config-ssl-profile-profile1)# cipher-suite rsa-with-rc4-128-sha

Step 3) Remove all ciphers command (Note that if you remove all ciphers before adding secure once there will be no ciphers available under profile which will cause service disruption during applying the change. If you do it in order specified in this example there should be no disruption at all as there are suites available all the time).

(config-ssl-profile-profile1)# no cipher-suite all-cipher-suites

Step 4) save configuration

(config-ssl-profile-profile1)# exit
(config)# wr mem

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