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Aug 21

HTML Cheat Sheet


HTML cheat sheet presents web page code structure, attributes and most commonly used markup tags.

Aug 21

HTTP Satus codes


When client open WWW page Web server returns HTTP code to the browser. Below are presented types of codes with brief descriptions for specific messages.

Aug 20

Google hacks

Google hacking is nothing more than using built in ways to search or in fact query the search engine to provide specific output based on search criteria. Targeted search based on target type: INTITLE: INTEXT: INURL: FILETYPE: LINK: Funny bit: Type in Google phrase “do a barrel roll” or “zerg rush” and hit enter

Aug 20

Hybrid solution using RackConnect – how it works


Hosting environments can be Dedicated or Cloud based. In recent years more and more organizations combine both architectures to achieve scalability, performance and cost reduction. Hosting company called Rackspace who developed Open Stack and is one of leading providers of Cloud solutions offers hybrid solution called RackConnect. In summary RackConnect provides physical link between dedicated …

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Aug 20

APC PowerChute Business Edition Agent – Default Username and Password

What’s the default username and password for the APC’s PowerChute Business Edition Agent? Unfortunately (for your purpose; from security perspective – it’s a good thing) all the recent versions of the PowerChute Business Edition (at least starting with 8.0.1 Single Node agent, which is what I was using) do not provide a default username and …

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Aug 14

DNS explained


DNS (Domain Name System) allow us to use names instead of IP addresses which is more human friendly way of naming network resources like web sites. How does DNS resolve? Let’s imagine you want to open a web site called so make a DNS request on the browser by typing into address bar. …

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Aug 05

SSH access via Python Script


Every network engineer who do some scripting will have to write script to SSH to other host or device. Luckily there’s no need to write long and complex code to do it as there are tools for this already created, tested and widely used. One I would like to introduce is PXSSH. Pxssh is based …

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