Monthly Archive: April 2018

Apr 23

DNS and name services on Centos 7/RedHat 7

Here are some useful information about DNS and name services on Centos 7/RedHat 7. DNS related files and directories: Local DNS resolution static mappings: /etc/hosts-local Local host’s assigned name: /etc/hostname DNS configuration file: /etc/resolv.conf Commands: hostname host geteng hosts hostnamectl

Apr 23

Yum (Redhat 7/Centos 7)

Yum and RPM relationship RPM install packages, but does not care about required dependencies and that’s when Yum becomes handy. Yum is a front end for RPM, it will download and install package and all necessary dependencies for application to run correctly. Yum related directories and files: Yum config: /etc/yum.conf Contains containing repo locator files: …

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