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You will find here a lot useful information about IT with emphasis on networking and security. The main purpose of this website is to publish information about technical tips and tricks as well as general information about technologies within IT field. As name suggest hopefully it will grow into library of technical knowledge and place to visit for everyone who’s looking for quick answers to day-to-day problems and challenges.

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Time to crack passwords

Below table represents estimated time to crack passwords based on passphrase lenght and complexity.   Of course time may differ depending on number of factors like: Using dictionary words in passwords may allow almost instant crack ( for example if “rainbow tables” are beign used) Hardwa used (CPU/GPU power, RAM etc.) Application used to crack …

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Connection throttling iRule

In some cases there’s a need to introduce rate limiting based on number of connections over period of time. Out of the box F5 allow you to set rate limit based on concurrent connections which is useful option, but not always provide functionality business require.   Solution to this problem can be solved by using …

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