Feb 01

VTP v1/v2/v3

VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) is a Cisco proprietary protocol that propagates the definition of Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN) on the whole local area network. To do this, VTP carries VLAN information to all the switches in a VTP domain.

Important to remember about VTP:

  • By defaul switch out of the box is in a VTP Server mode
  • Null domain – default empty domain when VTP is enbled
  • Doamin name and password are automatically propagated
  • Support auto-prunning so VLAN not in use are automatically removed from switch
  • VTPv1/v2 only support VLAN numbers 1-1005
  • VLAN information are stored in vlad.dat file and wr erase will not remove all VLAN information
  • Switch with hihest revision number force VLAN update (VTP v1/v2 only)
  • Primary Server function introduced in VTP v3
  • VTP v3 introduce OFF mode which will block all VTP updaes passing through the switch

    VTP versions comparison

    Screen Shot 02-01-17 at 10.42 PM

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